The Raven in Green Aventurine

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The Raven Skull, Aventurine edition, is a powerful totem. Used across the world and across time as a powerful familiar and omen, the Raven is an ode to the wise and the misunderstood. 

The Raven is a totem animal representing or calling on a spiritual rebirth. The Raven is also a symbol of cleansing, perhaps in preparation for the spiritual rebirth that you have either begun or are about to begin.

This particular stone carving reminds us at Crystal Coven of a gentle but fierce lichen growing on boulders in our local forest. The powerful yet gentle life force of the lichen is a quiet force of nature, and this Raven Skull has captured this essence in her very bones.

This carving can also come ready to wear on a leather (or vegan) cord upon request. She is also a perfect altar adornment or wall art.

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