Spellbound Snake Tourmaline Ring - Size 7

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The Sacred Tourmaline Ring features Green Tourmaline held lovingly together with the word “SPELLBOUND” stamped into the size 7 band. This mantra is stamped into the palm side of the ring as a reminder that you command your 

The snake totem can be called upon for rebirth and transition. The snake’s ability to shed their skin is a physical testament to the removal of that which is no longer needed. Leave what no longer serves you to make room for the magnificent things you deserve.

Though these rings are copper, they are coated to not turn your skin colors. This is a demi-permanent solution that will last with the proper care and storage. If the coating ever dissipates, you can use clear nail polish or renaissance wax as an at-home sealer.

Please avoid dropping all handmade jewelry as it is fragile and some crystals could crack. Copper jewelry should also be removed before swimming or bathing.

This particular talisman features a very high quality green tourmaline which we have copper electroformed. Copper is our material of choice for many reasons, one of which are its grounding properties.

This talisman comes ready to wear as well as ready to gift. Keep the magic going and give us a follow on instagram, @join.crystal.coven