Small Opalite D

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A symbol of fertility and masculine strength, the Small Opalite D is a strong tool for healing as well as grid work. Are you lacking masculine energy? Masculine energy isn’t about gender, but rather a balance of both feminine and masculine energies within each of us. Do not fear the imbalance, rather, take steps to correct it and hone your power.

Crystal D’s are also prized for their work in fertility and empowerment rituals. All of these intentions can be heightened by utilizing them in crystal grids.

Opalite is a man-made stone that assists in all kinds of communication, especially spiritual communication. Opalite is also a stone that is beneficial in stabilizing mood swings and enhancing sexual experiences. Opalite is a wondrous way to help the wearer bring their inner strength out to play.

The Small Opalite D stands 2 inches tall and roughly 1 inch wide. 

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