Coffin of Desire Talisman

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The Coffin of Desire is a union of the macabre and the sweetness of life. Life is to be celebrated while we have it and death is to be honored once it is gone. Use this Talisman to honor the cyclical nature of all things.

This particular talisman features a very high quality coffin-shaped Milky Way Quartz which we have copper electroformed. Copper is our material of choice for many reasons, one of which are its grounding properties.

Please be gentle with all jewelry, especially hand-made jewelry. Crystals and Talismans should be treated with reverie and cleansed regularly. Cleansing may be done by resting on selenite, exposing to the full moon, cleansing with sage, as well as many other methods. Choose the method that is right for you and your circumstances.

This talisman comes ready to wear as well as ready to gift. Keep the magic going and give us a follow on instagram, @join.crystal.coven