Carnelian Tooth Talisman

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The Carnelian Tooth Talisman is a haunting token of protection and empowerment. Look to this Talisman for courage and love.

The Rebirth Collection features talismans infused with the empowerment of the tooth totem. The tooth is a symbolic representation of owning the change that is occurring in your life. You have the capability of manifesting acceptance and guidance of the changes in your life. Let this talisman be your totem of empowerment. 

Carnelian is a Stone of Empowerment, with a gorgeous hue of the sunset. Carnelian allows the timid to become a more bold version of themselves, and is also associated with love and passion.

As with all crystals, intentions must be set. One way to do this is to hold your crystal and ask (aloud or silently) it to assist you in the area you are working on, for example: “Please help me to sleep peacefully and be surrounded by good dreams.”

This particular talisman features a carnelian adorned with an artificial tooth, which we have copper electroformed. Copper is our material of choice for many reasons, one of which are its grounding properties. 

This talisman comes ready to wear as well as ready to gift. Keep the magic going and give us a follow on instagram, @join.crystal.coven