Orange Calcite Crystal Ball of Sunshine

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Here at Crystal Coven, the crystal ball is one of the most sacred of crystals. The sphere is a feminine shape, full of positive energy and symmetry. Because the sphere itself is a three dimensional circle, it is able to emit it’s beautiful energy equally in all directions. 

Orange Calcite is an optimistic stone that harnesses the positivity of the sun. All forms of Calcite have a soothing feel to them, and Orange Calcite is no exception. It helps to bring joy where there was once worry, and connects closely with the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is the center for creativity and sexuality. Look to Orange Calcite to help remove blocks on your creative projects or to bring sunshine to a cloudy day.

The Orange Calcite Crystal Ball of Sunshine has a diameter of approximately 4 inches. This sphere is not messing around, she is a serious power crystal.

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