Chalcedonyx Bowl and Eggs

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The Chalcedonyx Bowl and Eggs are a symbolic representation of a nest filled with the potential for new life. Nurture your endeavors and watch them spring forth.

Chalcedonyx is a variety of onyx that is banded within opaque and translucent bands of chalcedony. 

Onyx is known for helping to embrace duality and protect against the negative thoughts of others. Onyx is also prized for its ability to assist with prolonged projects. Perhaps you are setting out on a new endeavor and wish to wards off negativity while really growing and expanding your work. This set would be an excellent tool to assist you on your journey.

The bowl measures about 5.5 inches in diameter and about 2.75 inches tall. The eggs measure about 3 inches long and 2.25 inches wide. Included are the bowl and the two eggs.